We believe in the immense power of thought leaders to have positive and lasting social impact. We view it as a responsibility to use our unique position to champion efforts to improve the world around us.

From helping to ensure that all voices are heard and amplified, including those that have historically been marginalized, to improving economic and social conditions in our local communities and worldwide, Endeavor Health has for years contributed resources, expertise, time and funds across a range of critical issues.

At the heart of our social responsibility platform is the Endeavor Health Foundation, a 501(c)3 established to enhance the lives of disadvantaged children and families by promoting the healthcare and improving education for disadvantaged children in the communities we work and live. Since its establishment, the Endeavor Health Foundation has expanded to include work directed at benefiting UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund.

In addition to our work in healthcare and education through the Endeavor Health Foundation, we have established several programs to help amplify and support causes championed by employees. Understanding the importance of social responsibility to our clients, we also advise clients on how to build or expand upon platforms for communicating their causes. 


Endeavor works to assist with distribution of content to elevate UNICEF's causes. Through its network across Dental, Medical and Long Term Care, we consistently seek opportunities to partner UNICEF with key influencers...medical doctors, dentists, and global healthcare brands to create consumer-facing cause marketing campaigns and initiatives.



In addition to its work with UNICEF, the Endeavor Health Foundation supports partner schools in South Central Los Angeles, Denver and Boston through:

Programming – We identify non-profit organizations to deliver healthcare-based and wellness programs to children

Mentorships – Our employees serve as mentors to elementary, middle and high school students

Summer Camp – Our employees design the curriculum and serve as camp counselors. The program now extends beyond the summer to include year-round programming

Teacher support – We host regular appreciation events for our teachers and help them raise funds

Volunteering – We stage and host regular volunteer opportunities including readings, career days and environmental activities



Our work extends beyond our own mission to support the philanthropic endeavors of our clients and partners. We’ve created a variety of services to support their efforts:

Donor Advised Funds – We provide clients with branded, tax-­advantaged solutions to handling their contributions

Leaders in Philanthropy Roundtable Promotion – We bring together our clients’ foundation leadership teams for quarterly workshops in Los Angeles and Boston to collaborate and share key learnings

Consultation – We provide ongoing counsel for everything from financial management advice to marketing to event planning and more