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In today's dispersed and multifaceted environment, healthcare organizations must collect information about reputational threats across the organization, analyze that information in sophisticated ways, and address problems by taking action to mitigate them. This can involve developing alliances with new kinds of partners and coordinating responses from a number of parties, including governmental organizations, civil-society groups, and consumers. All this requires significant coordination and an ability to act quickly. 

Many healthcare organizations, however, rely primarily on in-office employees or small, "mom-and-pop" marketing "companies" that can’t monitor or examine diverse reputational threats with sufficient sophistication. Moreover, traditional PR spin can’t deal with many NGO concerns, which must often be addressed by changing business operations and conducting two-way conversations. Doctors, dentists, practice managers and facility administrators have a better position for spotting potential challenges but often fail to recognize their reputational significance. Internal communication about them may be inhibited by the absence of consistent methodologies for tracking and quantifying reputational risk. Accountability for managing problems is often blurred. Endeavor Health works with clients on the most challenging situations, where the aspiration is a radical, sustainable step up in performance.

Whether driven by a challenging market or a sense of untapped potential, Endeavor clients have the courage to push their organizations to achieve extraordinary results. Endeavor consulting pods work side by side with clients to help them achieve their aspirations.

The Endeavor approach to transformations and turnarounds is holistic and focused on execution. We address all the factors that create value for an organization, including top line, bottom line, capital expenditures, and working capital. We often work with our clients on key strategy and business-portfolio issues. We focus on cash flow and on creating an “owner’s mind-set” to ensure rapid results that are sustained long after we leave. This formula has been refined over several years, and our track record of successful delivery spans dozens of geographies and cultures and all major industry sectors.

Reputation Management Services clients include medical and dental practices, long-term care and home health organizations of all sizes, from those with a few thousand patients to some of the largest long-term care organizations. In all cases, Endeavor forms a deep partnership with aligned interests and a commitment to bring whatever it takes to deliver results.

Our practitioners are transformation and turnaround specialists who have been there, done that. Many are drawn from private practice and the world of healthcare administration. All are experienced in the art and science of driving change and making it last.

While we are not traditional consultants, we are an integral part of Endeavor Health, which allows us to tap the extraordinary resources of a leading, progressive healthcare consulting firm. These capabilities include extensive industry and functional knowledge, a global footprint, proprietary software tools, and a broad network of relationships.

The Endeavor process begins with a due diligence on an organization to determine whether RMS is an appropriate option for the situation. Once this step is complete, we scope out and start a journey or partnership that typically spans 12 to 24 months and is designed to fundamentally change the way your healthcare organization operates.

Endeavor RMS works with healthcare organizations facing significant financial and operational challenges, including rapidly deteriorating performance trends, excessive leverage, liquidity concerns, loss of key management or clients, and refinancing risk. #weshouldtalk

Offices in California + Colorado

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