Merging Patient Flow and Optimized Reimbursement...

In light of the decline in healthcare reimbursement and the drive to improve the quality of care, medical and dental professionals are considering new methods of managing the business side of their practice. The healthcare reform landscape has begun impacting healthcare on a variety of levels, and the changes affecting payor networks and contracts, care models, technology requirements, and staffing alone are challenges that take a practice leader's focus away from delivering high-quality patient-centered care.

Typically, there isn't enough time or resources for practice professionals to address these issues effectively, and practices typically do not have the expertise needed to manage their practice effectively or to recruit the right kinds of back office staff. The decision to partner with an expert to administer core practice management functions is one that can improve the trajectory of a practice and the satisfaction of its top professionals.

Dedicated Accounting, Payroll and Financial Management Services

Endeavor Health Management can provide cost-effective resources that are not only knowledgeable in accounting, payroll processing, banking reconciliation, cash-flow monitoring and finance, but also have deep medical/dental domain knowledge and extensive specialty experience and expertise.

In addition, ongoing practice improvement includes benchmarking to industry standards, reviewing processes and procedures to help ensure accuracy and compliance, and helping to ensure that accounting and financing operations match the objectives of the business. Each client is assigned a dedicated Financial Manager to handle all aspects of the non-clinical aspects of the practice including finance, monthly financial reporting, retirement planning and advice on debt management.

Management Guidance and Strategic Planning

Our experts guide client practices to reach their maximum potential with respect to clinical, operational, and financial outcomes. The range of services encompass critical practice functions such as strategic planning, growth management, practice management, operations, clinical care coordination, staff/associate onboarding and integration, provider network management and more.

Endeavor consultant pods will help you:

  • Set timeframes and income goals

  • Calculate fees and services appropriate for your market and goals

  • Enhance your revenue with ancillary services targeted to market’s demographic

  • Determine involvement with insurance carriers – if any – to best suit your goals

  • Transition out of existing, poor-performing contractual agreements

  • Convey the benefits of your practice to patients

  • Market your practice and create referral network alliances

Equally important is the guidance Endeavor provides in the areas of care coordination and system transformation as strategies to grow the group to achieve the “triple aim” to optimize the patient care experience, population health, and the cost of per capita care.

In addition to strategic planning, budget planning, SWOT Analysis, internal marketing, television and online marketing; Endeavor delivers Medicare certification, HIPAA compliance and reduced cap-ex solutions for innovative practice technologies.

Regardless of where you find yourself; thinking about, moving toward or already in, our goal is the same—to help you attain the quality of life that you seek! #weshouldtalk

Offices in California + Colorado

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