Creative Marketing Strategies for Consumer-Driven Healthcare... 

What's the secret to a great creative engagement? Great consultants and simple strategy! So, you can now rule out your summer intern "marketing director", or the dozens of "practice consultants" who fit marketing in around the other components of their services.

Your practice needs a pod of experienced consultants versed in healthcare, who speak the language of your subject matter experts. We break down the indecipherable mumbo jumbo - fundoplication, anyone? - and make it meaningful to your target audience...simplifying the path to creating lusty marketing strategies! 

Your marketing engagement must be simple! Must be innovative...forward thinking...focused on the market you want to monopolize. Execution can be complex. It needs nuance, it takes time to perfect, it requires relentless measurement, tireless tests. It requires the embracing of failure. It takes exhaustive practice. It is multi-layered and cross departmental. But without direction, simple clarity on strategy, execution is merely hysterical activity confusing effectiveness with activity!

From creating and evolving brands to penetrating networks, Endeavor Health Management brings direction to your healthcare organization! Strategy and execution, simplicity and complexity, the symbiotic relationship at the heart of every long term, successful marketing engagement!

So what’s different about the way Endeavor works? Just a few things, like:

  • We are data driven! Endeavor is heavily dependent on data dumps. Everything gets on-going evaluation and improvement and is prioritized onto an arousal template. Then, every pod commits to moving their top priorities to done!

  • Our pods meet for a few minutes every day, literally standing up, to talk about goals and activities for the day.

  • Parity is standard at Endeavor and we take knowledge sharing seriously. We work to change the ethos of clients!

  • We hold retros every week and talk openly about what’s working and what needs improvement!

Our goal is to platform our clients into bigger and better market positions...better, smarter and faster!!! It might not be noticeable in 30 days. But, soon enough, your organization will be unstoppable! 

Effective, cross-channel marketing campaigns and flexible! Costs you can predict. Work with Endeavor to launch the most effective marketing campaign to promote your providers, service lines, events and more! Endeavor campaigns focus on the results you need, combine online and offline strategies to reach your audience, and change rapidly in response to your success. This leads to more conversions and robust patient retention!

Results-driven - A process that leads to results

Your campaigns need to do more than generate awareness. They also need to generate results. That’s why we analyze competitive landscape metrics, economic health and growth strategies. We define measurable goals - what you want to accomplish, when, and how you’ll define success. With your goal front and center, each week we:

  • Create a series of coordinated online and offline strategies

  • Launch the strategies in the market and track results

  • Review measurements and make rapid adjustments based on the information to generate the best possible outcome - eliminate status quo strategies...disengage "antiquated by association" optics

  • Monthly blue-sky meetings to discuss what we’ve done and what’s coming next

Online & Offline - Coordinated strategies that create audience response

Successful campaigns choose the best creative media to reach the appropriate audience at the right time and place. To prove your return on investment, you require coordinated strategies that track back to your campaign(s). With Endeavor, your marketing campaign combines both traditional and digital media, such as:

  • Print

  • Radio and television

  • Outdoor media

  • SEO - metadata, backlinking, imaging, social media platforming

  • Pay-per-click

  • Email Marketing

  • eNewsletters

Blast past traditional, repurposed marketing campaigns with Endeavor’s fast and flexible roll-out structure. Once we create a strategy, we launch it into the market immediately. We constantly test and measure the roadmap by tracking market response. And we adjust the approach, messages and creative aspects accordingly. This means you’re able to:

  • Launch campaigns right away and recognize immediate value from them

  • Consistently know how your strategies perform and how close you are to your goals

  • Allocate funds to the highest-performing strategies

  • Refine your approach to improve performance and respond to changes in your market

Marketing Expertise - A pod of healthcare marketing specialists dedicated to your goal

Healthcare-experienced consultants, medical and dental professionals, IT professionals...when you engage Endeavor, you work with a talented pod of experts who have broad, far-reaching experience collaborating with dental and medical organizations around the country to reach their marketing goals. Our marketing specialists focus on results driven healthcare marketing! 

And, we're good at it! #weshouldtalk

Offices in California + Colorado

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