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The first step in beginning or expanding your dental sleep practice and successfully treating obstructive sleep apnea would be to receive education and training in the practice of dental sleep medicine! By doing so, dental sleep professionals not only understand the processes to identify and screen sleep apnea patients, but also what kind of follow up and/or therapy is necessary for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and sleep-disordered breathing.

The clinical aspect of treating sleep-disordered breathing, be it snoring or sleep apnea, requires basic skills that have been taught to dentists in their restorative dental training. The most important, and most often ignored aspect of a successful dental sleep practice is implementation and integration! 

There are NUMEROUS programs designed to teach your practice the science behind the world of dental sleep medicine, but there are few that offer the full-spectrum program integration necessary to create a successful dental sleep practice! Most "turn-key" sleep programs offer boilerplate models, repurposed for generic use, often with low-yield performance. Our consulting pods stand shoulder-to-shoulder with staff, in your office, to develop specific protocols that encompass functions critical to a successful sleep practice. 

Endeavor Health Management's full-spectrum, comprehensive 30 Day Fast Track dental sleep programs will have your practice up and successfully operating inside of 30 days!

Endeavor dental sleep medicine services include:

  • One full week practice assessment at your office

  • Medicare certification and compliance protocols

  • CAQH credentialing for in and out of network medical billing

  • Infection Control, OSHA, CDC and State Board Inspection Analysis

  • HIPAA compliance protocols

  • Watermark Ares Sleep Testing Device for efficacy testing

  • Complete digital dental sleep protocols, developed specific to your existing dental practice with oversight by our ENT/Sleep Physician medical director

  • Two full years Cloud based digital patient screening and medical record software

  • Two full years of digital Cloud based medical billing service(s) (Avg. 28 day receivables)

  • 26 weeks of in-office consultant services (10 hours per week)

  • Comprehensive sleep medicine training for front and back office (11 CE!)

  • In-office marketing material and oral appliance demo/displays

  • One full year of strategic alliance and referral networking development

  • Three two-day, post contract consultant visits

  • Full year access to your sleep consultant

There is presently significant opportunity for more dentists to specialize in dental sleep medicine! There are more than 100,000 general dentists in the United States, and everyday dental professionals examine the oral structures of multiple patients. Dentists can and should be the front-line screeners for patients with untreated OSA and/or non-compliance to PAP therapy - and the first step to a successful dental sleep practice is proper integration!

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has severe consequences not just on a person's health, but time lost from work, industrial accidents and automobile accidents caused by drowsy drivers. The complaint most often heard by sleep physicians is that they are unable to locate a local dentist who is well versed in the overall treatment of patients with OSA. Together, we can change that, but it requires a commitment to successful program implementation/integration in the fast-growing field of dental sleep medicine! 

Whether adding sleep medicine to your practice offerings, or ramping-up your current sleep practice, engaging Endeavor ensures total protocol integration with the most comprehensive performance guarantee in the industry! When you hire Endeavor, we assure you, that within 90 days, you will realize profits, at the minimum, that will cover our fees; within one year, your sleep practice will increase to at least 12 treatments per month. If we're wrong, we'll refund your fees and work without compensation until these metrics are achieved!

We are here to help you endeavor to succeed!! #weshouldtalk

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